Thursday, April 16, 2009

So Pretty!!!

I think this is awesome... really this is what modeling is. It is interesting that we pay people to look pretty. Doesn't it seem like something is twisted with that idea? The fact that some models make just as much money as engineers, doctors or lawyers that go to school for many years get into huge debt and educate themselves none the less. But yet a model just gets paid to stand there and look pretty. You know that something is wrong with society when you pay someone with no education the same as someone that can save your life.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Ok so I have never been to a city where the cops are so bad then Montreal. I love this city but the cops are really pigs. Most of them don't know the law and try to force themselves on your or others spend their time giving out j-walking tickets to make their money then really fighting the problems on our streets.
Today blew me away. I saw two women cops in the metro, wearing there god awful army pants and red hats strapped to their belts and this women [who had a baby carriage with her] ran up to the cops and gave them both candy bars and was saying what an awesome job they are doing.
I laughed out loud cause I thought it was funny. They are doing a good job at beating people that are doing nothing wrong other then specking their voice [as per the protest that happened a few weeks ago]. Seeing blood all over the road and seeing cops everywhere with their protective shields with red in their eyes is that what a good job is classified as now a days?
I feel like we are at war in our own country with people who are suppose to protect and serve their people. But what is really happening is they are protecting and serving private interests.