Friday, December 19, 2008

One more day....

Today is painful... I just want to leave. Work is so slow. All I am doing is reading my favorite blogs and watching bad reality tv shows.
Soon so soon, I will be with my man and we will get to drink and be marry in our Christmas cheer. Oh I am in dream land right now.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Web Marketing....

It seems like no matter what you tell people about web marketing or Google or their page rank on a site they don't believe you... But yet they say you are the expert. How does that work?
You tell them the true, they say your the expert but tell you your wrong?
I don't understand people... I am just happy that I don't deal with people face to face cause I think I would knock some heads together if I did.

Jeremy Fish on his new art show

I was introduced to Jeremy Fish by my awesome boyfriend. His work always inspires me because he takes simple things and combines them together but there is always a story behind each piece he does.

So ready for a vacation!

It seems like I have been in totally bitch mode lately because all I want is to be on vacation and stop dealing with completely un-informed people.
People that are so dense that they don't know the difference between a URL bar and a Google search bar. People that think that I am a miracle worker or people that see me as just messing things up for them even though they ask me to do things that I tell them the consequences of this action.
People that take an hour to walk them through trying to sign into their email account and then get upset at me because no one emails them. How is it my fault that your company isn't getting business? I just create the website I don't create your marketing strategy for your company.

This blog is all about my life working at a web development company dealing with people and slacking on the job.