Friday, February 20, 2009

Ginger Tea

I found the sweetest little Thai lady's blog. Here is her video on making ginger tea.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Employees!

Man we have two new employee's and it is amazing what a bad attitude they have. I am training a young girl with very little life experience who is very much a 'I must challenge everything' kind of person. To the point where you can even train her on anything as she will not do it the way the system is laid out infront of her or because she things she knows a better way.
Which is fine cause I know that the way things are done in this company could be done much better but you are a new person you can't challenge everything like this and have such an attitude. I mean know sense of respect at all. She is texting all day long even after I have told her that it would be best that she would put her phone away until her break. But she throws me excuses like 'Oh me and my boyfriend are having a fight' or 'My mom is in the middle of a divorce'. Ok I have been through both of those things in my life but at the same time I would just give my boyfriend some space and then talk to him in person so we can work through our issues I wouldn't text him all day long just to piss him off more, and my mom would understand that I have a job to do, but I still love her even though I am not texting her ever 5 mintues.
It's just simply amazing to me that people like this are around. I guess I stay far away from people like this so it's always very interesting to me when I run into them.
Until I write again!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Forever... Dog Poo!!!

It feels like I haven't written forever even though in reality it has only been a week. But now I am back to work after taking a few days off due to bad health and a bad attitude but life is grand now... other then still needing to go see a doctor!
Random thought... now that the weather is getting nicer and ice and snow is melting I am just simply grossed out by the amount of dog crap around this city. Now I love animals and dog's are my favorite and picking up their crap just feels wrong but at the same time you can't walk on the side walk without dodging dog poo... Don't be a slob just pick it up... it is part of owning a dog... if you can't take care of that go move on a farm where your dog can shit all over the place and you will not be so inconsiderate to the rest of the population of the city!