Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stress and then Relief

It just seems like these weeks are flying by... Here's another list of the awesome and not so awesome things that are happening in my life this week.

1. Paul and I found an awesome place still in our neighborhood and we move in June 6th!!!!
2. My dad is coming out for a weekend in June and will get to stay at our new place... I can't wait to see him. I am such a daddy's girl.
3. Pixel has still not had her kitty's yet... soon though soon.
4. I got a new phone which is awesome, it's no iPhone but it is treating me well.
5. Money has been tight lately and this morning I opened a letter from the government of Quebec and I had a nice $820 cheque in there... that is sure going to help with paying for the move!
6. I got camera 1 out of 3 in the mail today... I'm going to test it out after work.
7. I went to go buy season 3 of Futurama yesterday to find out that they only had it in French... boo so I got season 4.
8. I still have not done anything about being in bad shape... I will maybe get on that next week... LOL
9. Get excited cause I will be booking my flight home super soon...
10. I have been feeling weird (but not to the point of left out) that all my friends (and baby sister) are engaged or having baby's... I guess it is just the season that all this happens...
11. Oh I almost forgot... I won a little give away from Brandi Milne I'm not sure if any of you know who she is but I love her work and she is a self taught artist. Check her out!

All in all life really is awesome. I wish I could do something about Paul being stressed with the amount of work he has coming at him at a fast pace... I guess I just have to keep being a super awesome girlfriend... really that is all I can do... I love you babe!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life is grand!!!

Well the sun is shining and I can't complain... I have been busy with work, so again not much time to write that after but I'm alright with that. I have been able to keep inspired by reading, looking at pictures that are giving me more ideas on what I want to achieve my vision in photography.
Here are some new things that are going on in my life this past week:

1. Paul and I offically are moving to a different apartment and have started looking!
2. Pixel is going to have her kitty's any day now (or so we think!)
3. I have been inspired to by some new camera's. An underwater 35mm which just happens to be red, a lomography 4 lens action sampler camera and a classic Polaroid Sun 600.
4. My dad might be coming to see me in June which I am very excited about!
5. I need to get in shape but have no motivation what so ever. This so no good at all!!! I need to really kick my butt into high gear if I want to look good at my sister and Amber's weddings.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Super bad blogger....

So I have been a super bad blogger in the past month or so. I haven't been posting anything on this blog or on blog either. Work is getting the best of me. So many changes and new people and trying to figure out new work dynamics are hard. And the fact that the weather has been so nice here that I want to be outside all the time.
So here is a little run down of the new things that have been happening or bothering me in the last month.

1. people who come in the elevator to only go up one floor... USE THE STAIRS!!!
2. Paul and I went to Rhode Island for the weekend and I would have to say that the sun and the beach and the 32 degree weather made that our best trip to date.
3. my baby sisters wedding is coming closer and closer and I don't think it has bit me yet!
4. I have been having serious bad tummy problems that has not made me happy or very social.
5. I think our kitty Pixel is prego... maybe some little kitty's running around soon :)
6. I got a $2 raise which is pretty freaken awesome!
7. I fall more and more in love with Paul ever day... that is something so special to me... I will spend the rest of my life with him... I know this isn't new news but to some of you it might be :)
8. My dad just got back from the Philippines and I miss him so much I wish I could go back home just for a weekend to see him!
9. I am getting back into photography... I got a Diana+ camera for my birthday and it is so much fun to play with and take photos... plus I know a little photoshop which is great for the crapy digital pictures I take with my point and shot.
10. I am now one year older... I would like to think wisers as well!!!

This list is not in order of importants but more so just the things that have come to mind that are new in the past month!