Monday, February 9, 2009

Forever... Dog Poo!!!

It feels like I haven't written forever even though in reality it has only been a week. But now I am back to work after taking a few days off due to bad health and a bad attitude but life is grand now... other then still needing to go see a doctor!
Random thought... now that the weather is getting nicer and ice and snow is melting I am just simply grossed out by the amount of dog crap around this city. Now I love animals and dog's are my favorite and picking up their crap just feels wrong but at the same time you can't walk on the side walk without dodging dog poo... Don't be a slob just pick it up... it is part of owning a dog... if you can't take care of that go move on a farm where your dog can shit all over the place and you will not be so inconsiderate to the rest of the population of the city!