Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life is grand!!!

Well the sun is shining and I can't complain... I have been busy with work, so again not much time to write that after but I'm alright with that. I have been able to keep inspired by reading, looking at pictures that are giving me more ideas on what I want to achieve my vision in photography.
Here are some new things that are going on in my life this past week:

1. Paul and I offically are moving to a different apartment and have started looking!
2. Pixel is going to have her kitty's any day now (or so we think!)
3. I have been inspired to by some new camera's. An underwater 35mm which just happens to be red, a lomography 4 lens action sampler camera and a classic Polaroid Sun 600.
4. My dad might be coming to see me in June which I am very excited about!
5. I need to get in shape but have no motivation what so ever. This so no good at all!!! I need to really kick my butt into high gear if I want to look good at my sister and Amber's weddings.