Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Green Smoothies!!!

Ok so I don't think I have blogged to much about the Green Smoothie Cleanse. But here it goes Paul and I have done the Green Smoothies are awesome, they taste great and they have boosted our energy, cleaned out the yucky things in our body and all just with a nice green colored smoothie.

Now I did the 3 day challenge but I would eat a salad for dinner instead of just doing the smoothies all day. I combined it with Bikram Yoga 2 times a week and I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks and 2 inchs around my waist. I know most of you that know me think that is crazy because I am not a big girl at all but its all true.

Have a look at the website. I am all about all the people that I love being healthy and living life to their fullest. If you are wanting to make a life change start it with a small green cleanse! Have a look at the website by clicking on the picture or click here.