Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am a force to be reconed with!

I do not just want to be a pretty face, I want to be a force to be recon with. I will not just be like everyone else that doesn't know what is going on with the world, or the history of the world.

This is all brought on with me wearing my Obey necklace which is a gun with a flower in it and my sister in the morning was like 'Is that a gun around your neck?' But the look on her face was very disaproving in a sort of that isn't very 'lady like' or feminine. But in reality it is for freedom and equality. It makes me think of the 70's and what was going on to stop the war in Vietnam which was a war to test of different equipment so the USA could take on other countries with it. Don't get me started on the States and what I think of them as a government and people.

I think coming back to Manitoba just has showing me how much I have really changed and in a very positive way in my view but maybe not so much in others as I have become so much more opinionated and will not stand for shit that I would normally not say anything or I would just apologize as if I was in the wrong for something.

Example: A few of my friends and I we talking about what an ass the last guy I dated was (since both of them had meet him) and we were standing by a traffic light which had turned green but we were still talking. This old overly tanned fake lady walked by with her friend who looked that same as her and said 'Why don't you guys move and stand somewhere else were people aren't trying to walk.' I think what she meant was stumble. My response 'Why don't you not be drunk on a Tuesday night.' Clearly not good grammar but I got my point across. And one of girls responses was oh sorry and moved out of the way.

Now I hate when people do what we did and I would openly say something but I am just tired of taking people's shit and then almost making it as if it was much fault. Maybe I am not making sense but that was a prime example of me seeing how much I have changed since I have moved to Montreal. It is very positive, not to mention I meet the man of my dreams there and I so in love!