Thursday, January 29, 2009

Taking the morning off...

This week has been a little hard on me and all I could think of lately is just quitting cause I feel as though I don't get the respect for the amount of work that I do and it is very frustration so I took the morning off just for myself. It was awesome, I just cleaned up my loft a bit and did some writing and reading and then Paul came home for after a meeting and had an awesome news which was great.
The morning just kind of put things into perceptive for me and then when I came to work things were cool I had a good attitude about things and I spoke with my boss and I am on a big project now which is pretty much just writing the whole user manual for our website system. I mean it isn't the best thing but it is going to help me a lot and it means that I will deal with less people as well. So I am pretty pumped on it.
All in all I would have to say that today is the best day I have had this week and I have a fresh outlook on my job here!