Thursday, June 18, 2009


Life is great right now! I have started doing Bikram Yoga and I am really feeling the difference in my body and mind it is amazing!

Paul and I are still working at getting out place all put together it is slowly coming along, I think we will paint the kitchen this weekend... I will take before and after pictures and post them!

Our kittens are growing so fast. It is 2 weeks since they have been born (today!) and they are 3 times bigger then when they were born, their eyes are starting to open and it is the cutest thing ever. I can't wait till they start walking around!

My dad was here last weekend and it was awesome. I am such a dad's girl and it was great to have him here. I wish it wasn't so short but I am happy he could make it out east either way!

Paul and I are going on vacations to the summer house in Pennsylvania for a week. Oh I can't wait! July 1st - 5th we will be living it up on the lake. We really need this time to us so it is going to be amazing!

Well I think that is my life in a nutshell for right now. I really need to get on planning some showers/parties for my sisters wedding. I hope she will be happy with what I do for her!