Friday, June 5, 2009

We have kittens!!!

So it happened last night. Pixel gave birth to 4 amazing little tiny kitten's.
When we got home from work Paul was making dinner and Pixel was meowing at me a lot and trying to make a place for herself in the laundry basket so I knew right there she was going to give birth really soon.

I got her out of the laundry basket and out of our bedroom and got her a place made in the office. She followed me there and lay down and started to prrr a lot and I could see her tummy contracting. I went to leave for the bathroom but she followed me even though she was having contractions [this cat really loves me and I was by her side the whole time].

She gave birthday to her first kitty which is white with big gray spots (which I think might be my favorite because it was my first kitty I had every held that came right out of the mother) at about 8:30pm and then the second one (which is white with bit orange beige colored spots on it) at about 9pm. Third kitty came at about 10:30ish I would say this kitty is all white but has black ears and tail. At this point Pixel is tired and meowing a lot. There is blood and placenta (which she ate). I knew there was another kitty in there but I didn't know when it would come out. I was so exhausted at this point but I lay beside her and just petting her and talked to her. Paul feel asleep on the couch cause he was so exhausted.
I went to bed a little after mid-night cause there was not another kitty, but I knew there was one there. I woke up in the middle of the night around 3am and sure enough she had another kitty and it was already clean and eating from her nipple. The fourth kitty is almost all black with gray and white stripes and a little white around the nose. I think this might be my favorite looking kitty.

It's going to be so hard to pick one to keep cause Paul and I will be keeping one.
I am so excited, seeing a living thing come into this world is simple amazing. There are no words to true express this. I feel so honored the Pixel let me pet her and hold her kitty's right after they were born.

I will post some pictures soon of our awesome new addition to our family.